Why Fitness is Good For Health and Weight Loss | fitness

Everyone wants to feel good, have a lot of energy and lead a long and healthy life. The best way to achieve this goal is improving your fitness level with proper exercises. Maintaining a high level of fitness with regular physical exercises offers numerous benefits such as prevention of chronic health problem, promotion of weight loss and an improved sleeping pattern. Fitness benefits people belonging to all age groups, sex as well as physical ability.Fitness Combats Chronic DiseasesFitness is the key to combating various chronic diseases such as heart diseases, osteoporosis etc. Physical activity also helps in managing the blood pressure level and cholesterol level. Maintaining proper fitness will also help in boosting the good cholesterols (HDL) in the body, thus allowing the blood to flow smoothly through the arteries.Fitness Helps In Managing WeightDaily fitness regime will help you lose all your excess weight as physical activity helps in burning calories. If we maintain proper fitness level by exercising daily, we will be able to keep our weight under control easily. You don’t even have to devote a lot of time to exercising. Just keep yourself fit by taking stairs and not using elevators, walking during free time and doing jumping jack during the commercials.Fitness Boosts Energy LevelIf you end up tired after doing household chores or grocery shopping, it is an indication that your fitness level is not up to the mark. Carry out regular physical exercises to improve your fitness and in turn, it will enhance your energy level. Physical activity is important as it delivers nutrients and oxygen to our tissues and makes the flow of blood more efficient. Thus, we get more energy to carry out all tasks if we are fit.Fitness Promotes Better SleepThose who face difficulty in falling asleep at night should boost their fitness level by increasing their daily physical activity. Having a good night sleep is important as it improves our mood, concentration as well as productivity. Regular physical activity not just helps one in falling asleep but also deepens our sleep.Fitness Puts Spark Back In Your Sex LifeMany people often feel too tired to have sex at the end of the day. To counter this problem, fitness and physical activity is the answer. Since fitness makes us feel more energized, it has a good effect on our sex life as well. In fact, high level of fitness can result in enhanced arousal in women and fit men are less likely to face any issues such as erectile dysfunction.Now that you know that benefits of fitness, it is time to start reaping its benefits for good health and weight loss.

Traffic and Conversion – The Foundation of Online Marketing | Online marketing

I’ve got a secret for you: there are no secrets in marketing. Successful marketers have been using the same strategies for hundreds of years and, in 50 years from now, the next generation of marketing gurus and experts will be doing exactly what works today.Unfortunately for the marketing executive or small business owner, marketing has become a bit of a mystery. It’s not the strategies – it’s the technology. Yes, the strategies are the same but the technical platform, the Internet, has changed the tactical side of this battle. Online marketing has made it easier for customers and clients to contact you and buy, but delivering this ‘ease’ through the Internet is complex.To demystify online marketing, I’d like to introduce two key concepts that every business owner and marketing executive must grasp:Traffic
ConversionThink of your online marketing as a retail store. You have to persuade people to visit the store (the traffic) and once they’re in the store, you have to persuade them to buy (the conversion). And then persuade the shoppers to come back and buy again. And tell their friends.Let’s start with traffic.In online marketing, you can set up a stunning and effective website but, without traffic, the site is totally useless. Some proven ways to generate traffic to your site.Sponsored traffic (also known as pay per click)
Organic search (using search engine optimization)
Affiliate programs
Radio advertising
Direct mail
Print advertising
Yellow pagesWhen I’m speaking with potential clients, they’re often surprised to learn that ‘old’ tactics (4-8) are still effective. They are. But I also advise clients they need to measure everything. Measuring marketing results is nothing new; the Internet makes it easier to discover what’s working and what’s not. You may learn, to your surprise, that the best way to drive traffic to your website is direct mail. Another key to driving traffic is giving potential visitors a strong reason to visit. For example, a roofing company can send a letter out saying, ‘visit our website to get a free insurance estimate – your insurance company might pay for a new roof.’ When you give people a strong reason, an irresistible offer, to visit your website, traffic improves.Conversion. Once you have visitors to your website, it’s vital to turn them into customers. Let’s go back to the store. An intelligent store owner trains the employees how to sell. If an employee fails to make a sale, they know to get an email or a phone number so they can stay in touch with the potential customer.It’s the same with online marketing: you have to persuade the visitor to buy or hand over an email address and other vital information. The technology is complex and making a website easy for the client or customer is difficult – but achievable. But conversion strategy is based on fundamental and timeless sales principles.So – if you’re thinking about ramping up your online marketing I have three pieces of advice.Learn as much as possible about the fundamentals of direct response marketing.
Try and test different traffic generation techniques.
Base conversion on making life easy for potential customers and clients.By Will Swayne, managing director, Marketing Results.